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Preparations for Next Moonwalk Simulations Underway (and Underwater)

Cleveland Metropolitan School District high school students learned about how a robotic dog named “Astro” serves as the eyes and ears for NASA employees conducting inspections in noisy facilities.
Credit: NASA/Sara Lowthian-Hanna

NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland opened its doors to Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) students to explore various Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) careers.    

NASA Glenn’s Office of STEM Engagement invited high school students onsite to explore center facilities and talk to NASA experts during NASA Career Exploration Day. Students learned about NASA internships, as well as paid STEM engagement learning experiences for CMSD students at NASA Glenn this summer.   

“The career exploration day is two-fold,” said Glenn Education Project Specialist Clarence Jones. “We engage and inspire students to consider STEM careers, and we encourage them to participate in the summer CMSD Career Research Experience.”    

During NASA Career Exploration Day, eleventh graders participated in hands-on STEM engagement activities and saw research demonstrations. They toured several facilities and engaged in a panel discussion with NASA scientists, engineers, and current NASA interns.  

Cleveland Metropolitan School District high school students stand in front of an airplane in the Flight Research Building (hangar) at NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland.
Credit: NASA/Jef Janis

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