What do a rocket scientist, a heart surgeon and an oilfield engineer have in common? When you break their projects down to core elements, they’re all dealing with pumps and pipes. Whether those pumps and pipes are reclaiming water in zero gravity, propelling blood through the human body, or drilling deep into the sea floor to extract oil, the mechanics are startlingly similar. The toolboxes to service those pipes, however, are often quite different.


Since 2007, Pumps & Pipes (P&P) has brought together innovators from across Houston’s diverse industries inviting them to “explore their neighbor’s toolbox” and collaborate to solve common challenges. Over the years, the P&P community has expanded to include academia, community leaders, and students of all ages with an annual flagship event, quarterly networking opportunities, and a prolific online presence.  Pumps & Pipes is part of Houston Methodist DeBakey CV Education.

A Message from Executive Director, Stuart Corr

Welcome to Pumps & Pipes! Stay tuned to this website and our social media channels for current information.

Stuart Corr, PhD
Executive Director, Pumps & Pipes
Director of Innovation Engineering,
The Bookout Center,
Associate Professor of Bioengineering