3D LifePrints

3D LifePrints is a leading provider of Personalized Surgery.  Their Platform, “Embedmed” digitizes the surgical planning process and enables the rapid design and manufacture of patient-specific medical devices. The devices include Anatomical Models and Surgical Guides which are designed and manufactured at the Point of Care allowing surgeons direct access to the technologies. 3D LifePrints has embedded Point of Care Hubs in 5 UK hospitals. They are ISO 13485 and FDA certified and are shortly to open their first facility in USA at Texas Medical Center in Houston.


BigRio is a modern technology consulting firm focused on strategy, implementation, and digital transformation. Headquartered in Boston with deep ties to Harvard and MIT, BigRio is empowering clients to drive innovation and advanced analytics using data. Organizations of all sizes, all over the world, rely on BigRio to unlock their potential with AI, machine learning, and data science. The diverse industry exposure enables the BigRio team with invaluable tools and techniques. The knowledge and talent pool bring innovative, economical, and extensible results to complex data challenges. With special alignment in the healthcare industry segment, BigRio has launched three solutions in the areas of AI driven Drug Discovery, Clinical Trials and Claims Acumen. BigRio can help de-risk and accelerate the drug development process with their innovative approach and bring more clinical trials to qualified and eligible patients.


BlockApps helps companies deliver greater transparency and trust to transactions in order to unlock the value of business assets and deepen their customers’ understanding of products to make better buying decisions. We are proven experts with proven results, and we continue to combine traditional technologies with emerging solutions that are setting the standard for the industry. BlockApps was the first company incubated out of Consensys in 2015 and has created several industry innovations including the launch of the most powerful Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) platform on the market — STRATO. Since launching STRATO on Microsoft Azure in 2015, BlockApps was also the first blockchain company to partner with all major cloud platforms (Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform) and is a founding member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (the world’s largest open standard blockchain organization).


Endologix LLC is a California-based, global medical device company dedicated to improving patients’ lives by providing innovative therapies for the interventional treatment of vascular disease.We have a therapeutic portfolio designed to treat diseases which currently have clinically relevant unmet needs. Our existing products can treat a wide spectrum of vascular disease through abdominal aortic aneurysms to lower limb peripheral vascular disease. We obtain excellent clinical outcomes through meticulous attention to product design, manufacturing, and training, all backed by industry-leading clinical evidence. With a robust pipeline of disruptive technology, our vision is to provide physicians with the best device for each patient; because when it comes to ensuring patient well-being, we are never satisfied with the status quo.


ENMED is a tripartite collaboration between Texas A&M’s College of Engineering, College of Medicine and the state’s top-ranked Houston Methodist Hospital established to transform healthcare through translational interdisciplinary research, the development of medical technologies, and the training and development of “Physicianeers.” Located in the Texas Medical Center, ENMED features a revolutionary medical education program where students receive medical doctorates and Master of Engineering degrees focused on the design and implementation of medical technologies in the same four years. Graduates of ENMED will be early adopters of transformational technologies, maintain a unique vigilance for opportunities to innovate during their clinical practice, and possess real-world experience developing innovative medical technologies acquired through ‘innovation rotations’ with ENMED researchers, collaborators, and industry partners, as well as, through the development of their own unique ideas. ENMED is led by Dean Dr. Roderic I. Pettigrew, founding Director of the National Institute for Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering.


FundamentalVR is a healthcare technology company with a mission to accelerate human capability via precision simulation. As a result, we advance pre-human competence in surgery and additional clinical environments to improve patient outcomes. Through our platform Fundamental Surgery, we provide skills and training experiences that facilitate remote, collaborative and immersive medical training within a virtual reality environment. Partnering with medical device, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare systems globally, we help to enhance skills acquisition and training.

Galen Data

Galen Data is a medical device cloud connectivity company. Galen Data provides a turnkey, configurable, scalable, and easy to use software platform allowing medical devices to centralize data and leverage cloud technologies. The Galen Cloud platform collects and securely stores data as well as provides tools to visualize and analyze both patient and device data. Galen Data maintains and secures the Galen Cloud and ensures FDA and global regulatory compliance.


Houston Community College is an open-admission, public institution of higher education offering a high-quality, affordable education for academic advancement, workforce training, career development, and lifelong learning to prepare individuals in our diverse communities for life and work in a global and technological society.  Under the Digital Information Technology COE, HCC’s Artificial Intelligence Program (AAS Degree) will be launching its bachelor’s degree in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics the Fall of 2023 pending SACSCOC’s approval. 

Founded in 2004, HCC Coleman College is one of six colleges within the HCC district and offers associate degrees and certificates in 21 health science fields in a state-of-the-art academic environment. A member institution of the Texas Medical Center, HCC Coleman College provides its students unsurpassed access to world-renown health science resources and as a campus of the Houston Community College System, offers affordable, rewarding futures.  The school’s outstanding faculty are acknowledged by their peers for leadership and vision including nursing, patient care services and therapeutic services. The Center also supports professional licensing continuing education training requirements for incumbent health care professionals.  Coleman College will be offering its first bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Management the Fall of 2023 pending SACSCOC’s approval.

Houston Methodist Center for Innovation

Houston Methodist is one of the nation’s leading health systems and academic medical centers. The health system consists of eight hospitals: Houston Methodist Hospital, its flagship academic hospital in the Texas Medical Center, six community hospitals and one long-term acute care hospital throughout the Greater Houston metropolitan area. Houston Methodist also includes a research institute; a comprehensive residency program; international patient services; freestanding comprehensive care, emergency care and imaging centers; and outpatient facilities. Houston Methodist employs more than 27,000 people and had more than 1.6 million outpatient visits and more than 132,000 admissions in 2021. 

In 2018, Houston Methodist Center for Innovation was established under the leadership of Chief Innovation Officer and Executive Vice President Roberta Schwartz.  For more information on Houston Methodist Center for Innovation, visit https://www.houstonmethodist.org/center-for-innovation/


InformAI is a healthcare informatics company founded with the belief that Al can provide a paradigm shift in clinical workflows. The company develops predictive analytics tools that speed up medical diagnosis at the point-of-care and extract data insights to improve patient outcomes.  Our products focus on high impact medical conditions including cancer, cardiac/thoracic surgery, wound care and sinus. InformAI is the recipient of a National Science Foundation contract award to build AI-enabled patient outcome predictors, and also recently received a grant from the Cancer Prevention Research Initiative of Texas (CPRIT) to commercialize a radiation oncology product.  InformAI is a 2022 Aunt Minnie Finalist and part of the TMCi and JLABS innovation centers located in the Texas Medical Center, the world’s largest medical provider with 10 million patient encounters every year.


It starts at the Ion: Where ideas go to grow. Located at 4201 Main St. in the heart of Ion District, the Ion building is the namesake centerpiece of Houston’s innovation corridor, anchoring a district-wide vision to advance and sustain Houston’s economic resilience—and deliver a better quality of life for each other. The beautifully revived building—once home to the iconic Sears showroom, itself a modern marvel in 1939—is today a sunlit structure of steel and glass designed to bring Houston’s entrepreneurial, corporate, and academic communities into collaborative spaces and programs. A place for turning imagination and ideas into tangible realities. From Fortune 500s seeking flexible office space to first-time startups looking for the funding to build a prototype, the Ion invites individuals and teams of all kinds to a place where they can break with convention, break into the tech scene, or simply break up their day with a coffee and easy atmosphere. Anyone is welcome at any time.

The Ion Prototyping Lab is a conduit for innovation. We help entrepreneurs and inventors build their device. That may involve access to tools and classes to build it themselves. Or it might mean we directly help them to design and build it. Or it may involve conn ecting them to regional design, manufacturing or production resources.  Whatever we do, we educate them on what we’re doing and  why we’re doing it. Having an idea is useless unless you also know how to actually build, manufacture and sell it.

Inovus Medical

Inovus Medical is a multi award winning, venture backed, designer and manufacturer of surgical training technologies headquartered in the UK with offices across the USA. The company was founded in 2012 with a clear purpose, to improve surgical care through connected training. At the heart of everything Inovus does are its core values of Affordable, Accessible and Functional technologies. A relentless drive to deliver on these values is positioning the company as a global leader in surgical training, ensuring equitable training and care for all. The company utilizes additive manufacturing and novel software solutions to deliver a range of products that offer unrivaled functionality and accessibility at affordable prices

Intuitive Surgical

Intuitive (Nasdaq: ISRG), headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., is a global technology leader in minimally invasive care and a pioneer of robotic-assisted surgery. At Intuitive, our mission statement is we believe that minimally invasive care is life-enhancing care. Through ingenuity and intelligent technology, we expand the potential of physicians to heal without constraints. Intuitive brings more than two decades of leadership in robotic-assisted surgical technology and solutions to its offerings, and develops, manufactures and markets the da Vinci surgical system and the Ion endoluminal system.

M&S Biotics

M&S Biotics developed an autonomous IoT solution to detect, track, count, and locate surgical items within the operating room in real-time. This effectively automates the surgical counting process while providing downstream analytics regarding instrument utilization. M&S Biotics is pleased to introduce our flagship product, the “Smart Table,” which fits seamlessly into the operating room and has the ability to automate the surgical count while keeping track of surgical items inside the operating room.

MACE Virtual Labs

MACE Virtual Labs is a turnkey provider of commercial-grade Extended Reality (XR) hardware and software solutions for the Enterprise, Military, Entertainment, Healthcare and Education markets. MACE VL’s value-added services help our customers to design, develop, integrate, pilot and scale XR solutions across their organizations with an intense focus on delivering value, not just technology. As a value-added-reseller, MACE VL provides integrated hardware and software solutions and a strong network of Studio Partners who work with our customers to develop custom content for Immersive Learning, Simulations, Serious Gaming, and Customer Activation.


MITIEverse – A Metaverse for Medical Innovation

Join us as we embark on creating the world’s largest metaverse dedicated to delivering medical innovation, technology, training & education. Interact with world-leading surgeons and healthcare providers. Understand complex surgical procedures through case study video footage and anatomical 3D models. Participate in hands-on didactic training modules. Network with medical device and digital health companies to learn about emerging technologies.

PEP Health

Improving patient experience through understanding what all patients really think about their care- not just those that respond to surveys. We transform millions of text-based patient comments into measurable & comparable scores in real-time. These are used to improve patient experiences, drive better quality outcomes and unlock measurement of the 3rd leg of the triple aim patient experience for value based arrangements and Medicare Advantage Quality ratings.

Respiration Scan

According to the CDC in 2018, ICU Hospital acquired pneumonia caused a 30% morbidity rate in hospitals and cost the US healthcare system over $12B USD in loss. Respiration Scan non-invasively diagnoses Pneumonia in mechanically ventilated ICU patients via their exhaled breath. Our ExhalePN software combines cheminformatics, ML/AI algorithms, and patient breath samples to detect and diagnose bacterial pneumonia in mechanically ventilated patients up to 48 hours prior to the current standard of care, allowing for clinicians to treat infections sooner and improve clinical and financial outcomes.

Redhouse Virtual Education

We believe that high-quality education should be available to everyone. We develop resources in collaboration with educators to ensure you’re well-equipped to provide valuable, engaging learning experiences to students of all backgrounds, preparing them to thrive in their future careers. Build and deploy interactive digital twins rapidly and efficiently with REDHOUSE real-time 3D platform Scoolzz, easily create, edit and iterate interactive 3D content, in real-time. Expand access to 3D content beyond design and engineering groups. Empower teams across your organization, no matter their location or tech-savviness, to interact with digital twins on mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and AR and VR devices.


We are RioRaiz: a Houston-based 501c3 non-profit that uses biotechnology to support conservation efforts around the world. Founded by scientists, we preserve ecosystems through educational outreach and scientific research by using nature as a discovery platform to find new classes of natural medicines to treat diseases. We have formed numerous partnerships with indigenous tribes, local communities, and academics across the globe to preserve local ecosystems while identifying novel bioactives for drug discovery found in at-risk biomes. We are currently seeking donations and partnerships in order to protect critically at-risk biological corridors, perform whole organism multi-omics, and build educational platforms that bring nature into the classroom.


Roboligent provides a robotic physical therapy assistant, Optimo, to address the challenges of physical rehabilitation centers with increasing demands and staff shortages. Optimo can boost patient recovery and increase therapist productivity with tireless and autonomous executions of various interventions. It covers upper and lower limbs and gait training, replacing multiple equipment capabilities. Roboligent was founded in Austin, TX, in 2016 by Bongsu Kim, Ph.D., to contribute to the quality of life and productivity using proprietary human-interactive robotic technology.


Tietronix Software Inc. develops custom software for the government and commercial clients using innovative technology to solve challenging problems. Its team specializes in mixed reality, high performance computing and deep machine learning. Its government clients include NASA, NIH and DOE. Its commercial clients are in the healthcare, renewable energy and manufacturing sectors.


Saranas is a privately held medical device company focusing on improving patient outcomes through early detection and monitoring of internal bleeding complications. Our patented Early Bird® Bleed Monitoring System for vascular access procedures enables physicians to mitigate downstream consequences by addressing bleeds immediately before they become complications, improving patient outcomes and lowering healthcare costs.


Visionable is an advanced collaboration platform, with unique multi-stream video and data sharing technology that enables native-resolution sharing of video, data and medical device imaging to support accelerated diagnostics and treatment decisions, safely, securely and efficiently. It is the only video collaboration platform with a suite of solutions created to address the unique challenges faced in healthcare across the entire care pathway. Used together, they provide a seamless end-to-end experience for healthcare professionals and patients, from initial consultation, emergency care, hospital treatment to at-home care. We bring people, technology and healthcare together to ensure the best possible patient outcomes.