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Preparations for Next Moonwalk Simulations Underway (and Underwater)

Sam Chamberlin, NASA Glenn Office of STEM Engagement, guides young guests in a hands-on activity demonstrating shape memory alloys during the Big Hoopla STEM Challenge.
Credit: NASA/Catherine Graves 

NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland joined in the adventure of the Big Hoopla STEM Challenge held at the Dayton Convention Center on March 17. The free family event for kids (K-8) tied together the excitement of college basketball and the power of STEM education. NASA Glenn Deputy Center Director Dawn Schaible participated in the event, stressing NASA’s support for nurturing STEM education and careers.

NASA Glenn Research Center’s Deputy Center Director Dawn Schaible shares her excitement and support for STEM education during the Big Hoopla STEM Challenge.
Credit: NASA/Scott Broemsen 

Glenn’s Office of STEM Engagement staff engaged over 200 students in hands-on STEM activities during the event. Students learned about the total solar eclipse, how to safely view the eclipse, and received eclipse glasses. They also participated in shape memory alloy demonstrations, experienced flight simulations using 360 Oculus goggles, and learned about solar energy by making ultraviolet bead bracelets.  

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